Are your constables required to be licensed?
How do I get the papers to you?
Q: What are your service fees?
Q: How many attempts at service will you make?
Q: How long does it take to deliver a document?
Q: What if the Respondent Cannot be Served?

We encourage you to e-mail us with your questions and we will post answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website.

Are your constables required to be licensed?
Yes. All Constables in the State of Rhode Island are registered officers of the Court and licenses are issued by the District Court of the State of Rhode Island in the county in which the process server resides. The Rhode Island Constable program is regulated by the State of Rhode Island. Rhode Island Constables are required by state law to be licensed and must maintain an active bond for every court for which they serve legal process.

NOTE: In the State of Rhode Island, an applicant must complete 90 days of training with a constable that has 'full powers'. Once the 90 days of training is complete, a test is given at the local courthouse. Once an applicant passed the written exam they are then scheduled for an oral interview with the disciplinary board. If they find the applicant to be competent they will pass a recommendation to the chief judge which will then swear in the constable with 'limited powers'. These constables can only serve within the county they are appointed for the first year after obtaining their license. After one year, a limited power constable can apply for his/her full powers to serve process statewide. In year three of their Constable's license, they are then eligible to apply for Superior Court Powers.

How do I get the papers to you?
There are various ways of getting the papers delivered to us:

U.S. Mail - if service is not urgent, then mail them; if urgent, then send them via Fed-Ex, UPS Overnight or USPS Express.

E-mail - if you can scan your documents, then e-mail them to us at

Facsimile - service of faxed copies of legal documents in most cases is acceptable (call if you have questions).

For local Rhode Island clients, a constable can arrange to pick the documents up at your office location.

What are your service fees?
We have a flat fee on all of our services. That means that you pay NO HIDDEN FEES. We continue your assignment until it is completed.
NOTE: For the Service of Subpoenas, you may have to tender to the witness a small fee for one day's attendance and mileage as indicated by Law

How many attempts at service will you make?

Once documents are received in our office (via regular mail, scanning/e-mail, fax or overnight service), they are processed and sent out for service with a constable the same day. Our Constables will make as many attempts as necessary in order to successfully serve your court documents. You will be notified if service is unsuccessful after three attempts to allow you to decide what you would like done. If, after the first or second attempt, it appears that there is or will be a problem in effecting service, then you will be notified and informed regarding the status of the service.

If the respondent is not at the address given, we will perform a basic search in an effort locate them. There is no charge to the client for this service (i.e. directory assistance, phone book, web search). Upon providing the results to the client, we will then attempt to serve at a different location, if one is found, when directed to do so by our client.

How long does it take to deliver a document?
Our office takes great care to ensure that services are delivered promptly and in
accordance with the rules and regulations of General Law. Usually, documents
are served either the same day or the next day from when they are received. While we do our best to ensure a speedy delivery of all documents, services that need to be in hand can take longer if an individual is avoiding service or being unresponsive. If a respondent has moved, there may be a brief delay as we attempt to locate a new address for a respondent.

By retaining Ocean State Constables, LLC to serve your documents we will:
Begin attempting to serve the documents within 24 hours of receipt.
Work during non-traditional hours, evening and weekends.
Provide multiple attempts of service for a flat fee.

What if the respondent cannot be served?
If the constable is not able to serve the respondent, the constable can prepare a Rule 106 Affidavit for Substituted Service. If the judge signs the order granting substitute service, the constable can then serve the respondent via alternate service.